Thursday, March 1, 2007

24 hours later

What happened.

Last night felt like the lowest point in my stay with my current employer. I don't want to go into the details since I can't afford to be too careless about the things I say here in my blog. Blogger's publish button is colored ORANGE for a reason: it's like a warning that says: "what you're about to publish will be on echoed to the world wide web, and there's no taking them back." (I wish i'm as careful with email... sigh). But as serious as it may sound, the work issue is nothing that can't be solved with ample dose of reflection and heart-felt support and care (violent reaction included) from a good friend and my loving wife. I still came to work late, as planned (my idea of sticking it to "the man") and even if it might have gone unnoticed it still felt good. Context: I've been coming to work really early for the past two(ish) week. But i felt a little better.

So it started to be a good (half) day, until a hammer that i threw the night before came back falling to my head. It hurt like hell and shook me to my senses. It was needed , and though I may not like it, something inside me tells me that it will be for the better. Still made me feel like shit. And the work problems suddenly came rushing back to my head (i thought i sorted them out already?). Panic + depressed mode... So what's the next most illogical thing to do? Delete my blog of course. And this time I did just that. I regret that. Quitting feels a lot different than "almost quitting" (i hope that makes sense). But technically I didn't actually delete indio-geek, i just changed my blog url. But then i realize that i owe my 3 readers a decent (and dramatic) goodbye. So not a minute later, indio-geek went live again, and tried to put something witty. But failed, so I ended up with a goodbye message done in 3 dots. pfft. I later added my birthday greeting for che.

So now i'm officially taking it back, and contrary to what I said, that was just a 5-minute break. (i never thought that my stupid profile quote will actually make sense until now).

[Update: maybe because of the url changes, Google reader continue to fail to refresh its feed cache to reflect this post. Not wanting this to go to waste, i had to quickly pick a temporary template so that the post can be viewed. Now, you can only read this if you're not using Google Reader (old school blog reading!)]

What's funny is that I didn't reconstruct my destroyed blog template, and you're only able to read this because you're using Google reader (or any other RSS reader in that case). Otherwise, this is all that you're going to see.

Ohkay, in the end, i'm still blogging. But on a different url. indio-geek will be live for the time being, maybe until after the my birthday-neighbors' birthdays, since it looks cool (hehe) to have a birthday greeting like this in your blog.

Oh, the new url? You'll know, if you know me well enough, you'll know. :) See you on the other side...

Last, and I have to put this. I hope nobody get's wrong that I'm not happy or excited about the latest happenings in our little family's life. I am. :) I've been wanting have a place to go home to ever since i started working here in Makati.

24 hours later, and things are starting to feel better.

Good morning everyone. I hope you all have a good day.

(wow, you made it through my post! horray!).. or you probably just skipped to the ending. :P


Jenoa said...

Hi love. Am not using my Google Reader but I can read this? How's that? Found the new URL pero nasan ang laman? It has to old posts lang?

Love you. Whatever happens at work it's never a measure of you. You're still the best in our eyes. Blek misses you.

mark said...

Hmmm, i don't know why but last night after i posted this, I noticed that Google Reader didn't update the feed for indio-geek. Maybe because of the twisted operations (changed url, create new blog under the old url..) that i did, i'm not exactly sure. Anyway, i didn't want to put this post into waste so i was forced to fix the template na rin.. to reflect this post.

And nope, the work thing is not that serious, but thanks for the concern.

Hmmm. are you sure you go the new url? It should contain everything that was in here.